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#3 Kenya

07-Mar-15 07-Mar-15

For a change of pace and to really get their travelling kicked off properly Peter & Penny took a trip to explore Kenya. They first explored Nairobi, taking in the culture by visiting the museums and markets. They even had time to stop at the Thorntree Café, leaving a message for future travellers passing through. They then decided to head out east to the coast of Kenya, initially towards Mombasa before venturing north. The people were great and also very accommodating of Peter & Penny’s odd dietary requirements. After a bit of exploring along the coast the pair managed to come across a secluded beach, taking a dip in the Indian Ocean and relaxing in peace. Before leaving Kenya a safari was definitely in order and Peter & Penny had an excellent time watching elephants eat in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro. Peter & Penny loved their first foray onto the African continent and after a few trips in the matatus, and tuk-tuks they definitely think they’ve experienced a hint of life in #3 Kenya.