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#6 Andorra

100_8062 03-May-15

As Peter & Penny found themselves so close to the principality of Andorra they decided to head north to the Alpine state and see what it had to offer. Amongst the numerous snowy topped peaks and the half price cigarettes the pair wandered aimlessly, hand in hand, still unsure whether to thank people in Catalan, Spanish or French. It turned out the former was the most appropriate. After lunch in Andorra La Vella, while searching for an afternoon coffee, the twosome stumbled across a statue overlooked by the dark and looming alps. The iron man with his belongings packed up in his briefcase felt strangely reminiscent of our wandering pair. Both Peter & Penny enjoyed making this their first double country trip and couldn’t wait to start organising their next destination on the bus ride back from #6 Andorra.


#5 Spain

100_8049 02-May-15

Peter and Penny had just enough time after Italy to brush up on their Spanish before a Mayday break in el destino #5.  But the pair, not a word of Catalan between them, thought they’d ended up in the wrong destinació when they reached Barcelona, Spain.  Fortunately, they didn’t need the lingo to understand the hard-to-believes of this city and its environs.  Not once were they rendered speechless by Gaudí’s extravagance, or dumbfounded by the Dalí’s surreal, not to mention gobsmacked by the late opening hours on La Rambla.  Peter and Penny went all the way to the Theatre-Museum in Figueres to take picture #6 and when they’d given up trying to make sense, they only wished they could turn back their watches and make many more persistent if perplexing memories.