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#2 Germany

IMG_0922-0.JPG 21-Dec-14

With Christmas approaching Peter & Penny decided to really outdo themselves and jet off to Berlin to visit the world famous Christmas markets and relax before the hustle and bustle of the festive period begins. After numerous photo opportunities around the markets and the Berlin Wall Peter & Penny took the sightseeing to the political sector of Berlin, that houses an abundance of newly built embassies and the German Parliament building, the Reichstag. Having traversed around the dome of the Reichstag and taken in the sights of Berlin from this unique and breath-taking vantage point Peter & Penny left still unable to find the perfect travel photo. But as they headed to Starbucks to discuss this predicament over a Christmas blend Americano they found themselves smack bang amongst the aforementioned embassies in the shadow of Berlin’s largest Christmas tree and the Brandenburg gate. To top it all off just between these two behemoth wonders of the Berlin skyline stood a large white menorah for Hanukkah. Since Peter & Penny had just 3 days before experienced the lighting of the menorah for the first time, back in Northern Ireland on the 4th day of the Festival of Lights, this scene seemed quite apt. Peter & Penny enjoyed a mulled wine that evening feeling over the moon about their trip and wished #2 Germany a very Merry Christmas.