Monthly Archives: July 2019

#22 Poland


No sooner where they back in Europe than Peter and Penny had their next trip planned. After a brief stay on the temperate island they call home, the pair were far from acclimatised for the sizzling June heat that greeted them in #22, Poland. First stop was the capital city of Warsaw, where, to their delight, they arrived to find a beautiful city dressed in colour and buzzing with excitement for the Gay Pride celebrations. As they wandered through the charming streets, they stumbled upon museums and monuments that reminded them of Poland’s rich cultural and scientific history. Wanting to learn more in the little time they had, they decided to explore museums dedicated to the extraordinary work of Fryderyk Chopin and Marie Skłodowska-Curie. Thrilled by the music and awed to have stood in the birthplace of the first two-time Nobel laureate, Peter and Penny had just enough time left to visit the Wilanów Palace before hopping on the train to the even hotter Krakow. Though disappointed that some of their chosen attractions were booked out days in advance, they found plenty to see and do in this different, but equally fascinating city. They journeyed beneath the bustling Rynek Główny to see the original medieval market stalls and learn more about this main square, once an important centre of trade and commerce. Wanting to delve even deeper into the past, quite literally, Penny descended some 130 metres into the Wieliczka Salt Mine to be mesmerized by an underground labyrinth of salt-crystal chandeliers and rock salt sculptures. Back above ground, the two went to see the hauntingly empty chairs at the Ghetto Heroes Square, a stark memorial to emptiness and loss. As their real lives began to call again, the pair hopped on an early bus out of Krakow and back to normality. They take with them excellent memories of the Polish people and places.