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#11 USA

20-Mar-16 20-Mar-16

A superstitious Peter and Penny were eager to tick off another country as soon as possible. Knowing they would need some time to explore their next destination, they had planned to uproot in the new year and set up base rather far from home. Across the Atlantic, with an awe inspiring view of Greenland, the pair set foot in the Carolinas, the place they will learn to call home in the USA. No sooner had they settled in than they set out exploring. To celebrate MLK day they took to the highway and explored as far north as the nation’s capital. Over the next several weeks Peter & Penny explored the North Carolina triangle area, and the irony of having just moved from the Northern Irish triangle wasn’t lost on them. Surprisingly though, it is infinitely sided shapes that will ┬ákeep them pining for the Carolina Moon forever.
During one of their excursions Peter & Penny happened upon the beautiful engagement of a young couple on the verge of a exciting life together. During the raucous applause and cheers from nearby onlookers the pair stole a moment to admire the ring the boy had just presented to his lifelong love. In that moment, Peter & Penny knew this was the memory they would savour for their visit to country #11 USA.