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#1 United Kingdom


Peter & Penny started their travels on a trip to Scotland to see the 2014 Ryder Cup. After Europe retained the cup in convincing fashion at Gleneagles Peter & Penny thought it apt that they take their first photo at one of the most famous golf courses in the country known as the ‘Home of Golf’ so on their way back to the ferry at Cairnryan they stopped off at Turnberry. Although independence didn’t come to fruition last week Peter & Penny still thought Scotland was worth a visit and were excited to take there first photo there, to tick off #1 United Kingdom.

IMG_0127.JPG 08-Nov-14

Before venturing off to more exotic European destinations Peter & Penny thought they best do their home country photo. So on a cold night in early November they popped out to Dunluce Castle on the north coast of Northern Ireland hoping the full moon might illuminate the ancient structure. To their disappointment, although they could see the whole of the moon, the castle remained shrouded in darkness. However, they were still happy with their nighttime photo in their home Northern Ireland

18-Sept-15 18-Sept-15

By the time September came, Penny had itchy trotters and Peter was already planning their next adventure. With the Rugby World Cup only a hop, skip and waddle away, he got his wings on a pair of tickets. He also set his sights on visiting a pair of countries in one weekend. Over land and water, with no time to spare, the pair set out for England. First stop: Stonehenge. With darkness approaching fast, Penny took time to wonder how those early humans had managed to create such magnificent structures with just basic tools. Meanwhile, Peter’s ancient Satnav was taking an historical course to Wiltshire. Luckily the two were only too happy to take the scenic route and arrived just in time to watch an autumn sun set over the prehistoric site.

19-Sept-15 19-Sept-15

With an early alarm clock, green shirts on and tickets in hand Peter & Penny made their way to the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, as a contingent of Irish faithful attempted to invade and paint the city green. Canada was the unwitting foe in Ireland’s first Rugby World Cup match. It was a strong showing from the Irish in a 50-7 win in Wales and Peter & Penny made sure to take a quick snap amongst the joyous supporters in attendance. They didn’t have long to enjoy the atmosphere of Cardiff as they set off to Holyhead and the ferry home. But on their way the pair managed a fleeting visit at the town with the longest name in the world, Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. Although neither could pronounce it, they were intent on getting a photo before being whisked away on the late night ferry from Wales.