Monthly Archives: December 2017

#18 Saint Kitts and Nevis


Even though it’s one of the ten smallest destinations on their bucket list, Peter and Penny were easily dissuaded from taking in the mountainous island country #18 Saint Kitts and Nevis on foot. Taking a taxi tour from its capital Basseterre they were able to circumnavigate the larger island of Saint Kitts in a matter of hours, with plenty of stops and incredible photo ops. They wandered through a rainforest, explored the ruins of the sugar plantation at Central Forest Reserve National Park, browsed local markets and even met a monkey or two. Finally, before leaving the Caribbean for now, they relished one last, breath-taking view from Timothy Hill Overlook.


#17 Antigua and Barbuda


After witnessing some of the natural beauty the Caribbean has to offer Peter and Penny wanted to explore the historical significance of this small chain of islands, stretching from North to South America. It was Antigua and Barbuda that really shed some light on the history of the region. While wandering the streets of the capital city of St. Johns, the pair learnt of the first indigenous people on the island, traveling in small handmade canoes from South America, and rowing from island to island up through the West Indies. Peter and Penny visited the local markets, and met the local fishermen of St. Johns, who catch so many fish the pair had never even heard of (Peter was in his element). They also learnt about the famous Antiguan black pineapples that the locals have been cultivating for over 1000 years. Known as the sweetest pineapple in the world, it has grown to be a symbol of the Antiguan people, who historically attributed the fruit with healing properties, but nowadays is mostly just used for food. Peter and Penny had enjoyed learning about the rich history of the Caribbean, and on setting off for their next destination, waved goodbye to the friendly people of #17 Antigua and Barbuda.


#16 Saint Lucia


After wandering the beaches of Barbados, the travelling twosome wanted to see something unlike anything else in the world, so they headed off for the famous Pitons of #16 St. Lucia. On driving across the island, the pair saw plenty of banana farms and stunning Caribbean rainforests. Then they embarked on a hike up the side of a mountain neighbouring the Pitons. They made it up to a point where they could take in the beauty and diversity of the entire island, and of course appreciate the enormity and uniqueness of 1 of only 206 Natural UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the majestic Pitons. On descending from the mountainside, Peter and Penny lay on the beach at Soufrière, at the foot of the Pitons, and swam in their shadow as the daylight began to fade. To them, it was another glorious day travelling through the Caribbean paradise.


#15 Barbados


As winter approached in North Carolina, Peter and Penny decided to set out in search of sunshine. They hadn’t ticked off a single country in almost six months and what better way to explore some of the smaller nations than island hopping in the Caribbean. After a relaxing day at sea they reached their first Caribbean destination, country #15 Barbados. They set off on foot from the harbour to Bridgetown where they browsed the duty free and took temporary shade from the sweltering heat. Then they strolled toward Bay Street where they stopped to admire St Patrick’s Cathedral before heading for a paddle on pebbles beach. They were so mesmerised by the seemingly endless stretch of white sand trimming clear turquoise sea that they wandered on until they found themselves miles from their port and somewhat thirsty. One final stop at George Washington House for some refreshing lemonade before making their way back sluggishly, with smiles on their faces and sand between their toes.